Right Where We Belong

Seven original jazz tunes, featuring

Yanti ~ Vocals, Larry Crawford ~ horns, Stefan Bienz ~ Bass, Allan Crossley ~ Piano, Scott Gamble ~ Drums - Check out the audio links and 'liner notes' below.

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 ~ Right Where We Belong ~ Lady in Blue ~ Lucky Lou
~ To Love ~ Softly The Waves ~ Let's Get Some Tropical Sunshine ~ You're So Not 

Liner Notes By Allan

November 2018

Excited to be releasing our second CD of Larry and Allan originals.  If you're interested in my ramblings about how it all started, check out our first release "Images of You"  notes.

The writing for "Right Where We Belong," followed on the heels of CD 1. Larry kept on shipping me more tunes (he's still doing that, and I'm working on the first songs of CD 3 :) and I started writing lyrics.  As per usual, I used his titles and tunes, tweaked a few things to shoehorn in some words like vitriolic (rhymes with hyperbolic, of course).  Maybe it's because I was in the groove, or maybe it was Larry's incredible tunes, but these songs just felt 'right in the pocket.' 

The tracking was done at my house and then we decided to raise the bar and mix at BiG Audio Productions in Kelowna; that was a great descision - Bob Gabelhouse is a wizard! His attention to detail was inspiring and his ears picked up on so many little details that had escaped my notice. I think the results are amazing. Thanks, Bob!

Thanks as always to Tracy for critical input at the formative stages of the song - she can zero in on a bad phrase faster than anyone I know.  Also to Lorne for his input and 'fresh ears' on the songs along the way. Of course Larry, Scott, Stefan, and Yanti, good friends and great musicians!

The Songs:


I swear the song is NOT autobiographical (in spite of the fact that we DO occasionally dance around the kitchen - dodging chairs.) If I ever have the resourses, I'd love to see this as a Big Band arrangement -  Think Sinatra in front of the Count Basie Orchestra :)


Larry wrote this tune for Debi. I tried to capture those awkward beginning moments in a relationship. 


Get that umbrella on, watch the classic Singing in the Rain tune. Punchline, "The world's at my feet, Life is complete, Livin on easy street, When I'm with you."


Larry's tune somehow conjured up an image of one of those 60's artsy film scenes - girl running through field of flowers, arms out wide, spinning in circles, hair blowing in the wind . . . 


That first magical night. Which lasts a lifetime . . .


This song could have been subtitled "Prince Rupert in February"  Or substitute whatever place you find yourself in on a dreary-dismal-damp-cold winter day. And NO, the references to various band members in not in any way reflective of ANY of my musician friends.

"The saxophone player is dreary, his look could fill you with dread
The drummer he looks like a zombie, an extra from Dawn of the Dead
The piano player sounds angry
The vocalist is off key
Hanging around with the bassist would certainly bring on disease . . . 

Any reference to persons living or dead is purely coincidental . . .  etc.


Another awkward moment in a relationship.  I'm so totally fed-up-through-and-through with you. We're done. Fini. Quits. It's soooo over . . . . . . . . .well . . . . . . maybe