The Crawford & Crossley Group

*New CD* "Right Where We Belong"
CD "Images of You" 

Years ago, (the 1980's) a group called Friends of Jazz organized a number of concerts at the "House on the Hill"  (an iconic Summerland building, that was subsequently moved and then destroyed by fire.) I've always wanted to recreate that in some way, so when I started playing piano at Zias Stonehouse Restaurant in the summer of 2015,  I realized it might be a good venue. I approached Larry Crawford and Stefan Bienz with the idea, and they agreed, and Stefan suggested Yanti as vocalist.  The first Jazz@Zias event was held that fall, and we've done 9 or ten shows there in the past two years. In the fall of 2016, I approached Larry about adding lyrics to some of his instrumental tunes which eventually led to our first CD, "Images of You." released at Penticton's Dream In June of 2017. In October of 2017, we appeared in "The Seen," a Shaw Cable program. 2018 saw us open a new venue at The Nest and Nectar in Penticton, return to the Dream Cafe, and release our 2nd CD of original Larry and Al tunes "Right Where We Belong," which we launched at The Vernon Jazz club, The Nest and Nectar, and Zias in November!  

With the addition of Scott Gamble, the Crawford-Crossley Group, Featuring Yanti is now five and plays a large selection of well known jazz standards as well as our originals. The group fluctuates in size, from a duo to a quintet, depending on the venue. 

Contact Allan Crossley at 250-494-8967 if you're interested in booking the group.