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My current projects are centered around the Crawford & Crossley group - see below. Check out the music link in the menu for information about the group and bookings.   Our NEW CD "Right Where We Belong" will be released Nov 1st, 2018!     Our 1st CD "Images of You" is available for sale and download! More info . . .

NEW CD Release (Nov 1st 2018) "Right Where We Belong"

Really excited about our second CD - seven more originals from Crawford and Crossley. We finished mixing on Oct 20th. it will be back from duplication on Nov 1st!. We're doing a series of three concerts.  Nov 2nd at The Nest and Nectar in Penticton, Nov 3rd at the Vernon Jazz Club, and Nov 22nd at Zias restaurant in Summerland. 

The album is also be available on iTunes, Google Play and all the usual streaming services.

Crawford & Crossley Quintet

The video was filmed in Aug, 2017 for Shaw Cable's "The Seen"



* The Nest and Nectar Penticton, Nov 2nd

*Vernon Jazz Club, Nov 3

*Jazz at Zias. Nov 22, 2018!

~ I play solo piano at Zias most weekends when I'm in town - usually Friday and Saturday, but not always.  The best way to find out is to call Zias at 250-494-1105 and ask! We usually set the schedule the week before. Friday and Sat are 6:00-9:00 and Sunday is 5:30-8:30.

NEW Crawford and Crossley CD!
We released this CD at the Dream Cafe in June of 2017.

Our first CD of originals, featuring Yanti on vocals. Click the link for the latest on where to get the CD or download it.